10 solid reasons to choose me for your next website design project.

Website Design

Website design has been my bread and butter  for 8 years.

I work for the same agency that I began my career with over in High Wycombe. I started as a WordPress newbie and very soon found my feet in a number of different content management systems. The experience has meant that I am not biased to one cms, each has their strengths and weaknesses. I am just as happy developing a static website as I am working with WordPress, Magento or Craft. I work hard to learn new tech every single day and try to find new ways to speed up my development and improve the way I deliver websites to clients.

If you prefer to work with a content management I do not normally work with then don’t hesitate to contact me, I am the type of developer that finds solutions to clients problems. I find the answers and deliver. With all that said, here are ten solid reasons to choose me for your next website design project.

  1.  I care about your business – I am not interested in building just another website for my portfolio. I am interested in building a solid relationship with my clients to help them grow their business online. I tick all the boxes when it comes to SEO, Email Marketing, Hosting, Security and Maintenance. I am ready to listen to your needs as a business owner and respond quickly and effectively.
  2. I care about website security – I have been hacked on more than one occasion over the past 7 years so I know a thing or two about web security on every platform I work with. I can offer real advice and take measures against email hacks, data loss and website security. I host my client websites on totally isolated UK based website hosting environments. I lock down each site using my secret sauce security which works on all PHP websites as part of my security maintenance package and do regular malware scans.
  3. I care about SEO – I am a developer that enjoys SEO and online marketing in general, I can provide you with a full report of the current state of your SEO and actionable steps to improve it. Let’s do this!
  4. I care about code – I am a real developer. That means I like to get my hands dirty and get into the meat and bones of a website design project. I prefer coding from scratch. If I do use a template I like to use Studiopress, I trust their code
  5. I care about branding – I have worked with an agency for the past 7 years and have learned a lot about branding, corporate guidelines and keeping a company looking good online. Whilst I am not a graphic designer, I know what works and what doesn’t. You can rely on me.
  6. I care about trends – Website trends come and go like fashion and its important to keep up or run the risk of looking ancient online!
  7. I care about speed – I admit it, I am a speed freak! I care about image sizes, minification and ensuring that your website loads as quickly as possible. I am a fan of hitting refresh on GTmetrix until that speed score get a A!
  8. I care about website design – I love beautiful designs, especially ones that stand out and say “hey look at me!” in a way that makes visitors remember you in a good way. Contact me to be remembered.
  9. I care about simplicity – my job as a developer is to build a website that it easy for your visitors to use and just as easy for you to manage. I use a range of systems and technologies that are user friendly and secure.
  10. I am genuinely a really nice guy – if the above has not convinced you then just give me a call, we can discuss your project in detail and I will let you go away and make your decision. I am sure we will meet again!

Website Design that delivers results

Having worked in web development for 8 years with a wide variety of clients, I am well placed to deliver websites that bring results. I enjoy every part of the build. From initial design right through to marketing. I am an all rounder which you can rely on and have the client testimonials to back me up. Take a look for yourself!

I care about site speed, my own runs at less than 3 seconds which is a benchmark for my client sites.  I usually build from scratch and if I must use a theme then it’s Studiopress

My job as a web developer is to build a website that is as unique as you. I want to make your website easy to maintain, secure and seo ready. I am happy when my clients are not calling me with bugs issues and website help because I know that I have done a good job! But of course, I am always happy to hear from them!