About Me

Hayden Tomas - Web Developer

My name is Hayden Tomas. I am a front-end developer with over 7 years experience.

I work for the same web agency that I began my career at back in 2011.

On a typical day I can create a new design in Photoshop or Sketch or more often these days directly in the browser using Visual Code studio. The design will get approved with some amends from the client which later gets turned into a fully working website in their content management system of choice.

I can work with a range of content management systems and am never afraid to learn more! At the moment I am working with WordPress, Magento, DNN and CraftCMS (my new favorite!)

Once the website is built, I carry out basic SEO tasks to make sure that the website is indexed by Google and lets the world know that it exists. I then advice the client on other improvements they can make to the website to help it perform better.

This make me pretty much a hybrid developer although my dream job would be Full Stack Developer. I would prefer to work purely with code in an environment that lets me get heavily involved with difficult coding challenges on a daily basis.

Currently studying:

  • Javascript
  • Ruby

I am unavailable for work at the moment due to work and study. However do not be afraid to get in touch and ask about projects as I am always happy to work on them via my agency.

Contact Hayden


07803 501 235

Office Address

90 Yerbury Road
Islington, London
N19 4RS