I am Hayden Tomas

Hayden Tomas - Web Developer

Most people don’t get as far as the about page, so thank you!

I won’t bore you to death, after all. I am here to help you not give you my life story.

I have been working in web development professionally for over 8 years. I work for the same agency where I began my career.

I have a varied skillset. I am front-end website developer. I work with WordPress, Magento, DNN, Umbraco and am happy to learn any system you care to throw at me.

My weakest link is javascript. I am working hard at improving this skill and will have a github account full of examples very soon!

My strongest skill is the creation of beautiful, SEO optimised, fast-loading websites. On time and on budget.


I have a cat called Wanda, a wonderfully happy 2-year-old boy and a beautiful wife. When I am not busy serving my clients I am making music with Ableton.

Contact Hayden


07803 501 235

Office Address

90 Yerbury Road
Islington, London
N19 4RS