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What is Website Design?

website designWebsite design is just one part of a web development process. It is the part where all the pretty stuff happens.

We look at your brand identity, your logo and colours. We look at how we can incorporate your colour scheme into your in a way that makes it memorable.

Your website needs to look professional and up to date. With web trends changing all the time it is important to keep your website looking fresh.

Our website design process looks at different screen sizes and devices. We ensure that your website looks good on every device. Our team is well versed in the design to development process. They work together to produce a pixel perfect design that will work on the web.

We can work together to design a website that works for you. We design websites that produce results.

Your business needs

Your business needsWe begin the process by having an informal chat. We will discuss your business and what you hope to achieve.

There is no one size fits all with websites. Every business is unique. We try to reflect this with your website design.

We discuss your goals, target market, demographics and any special features that you need to have added to your website which will help your visitors find what they need.

We have developed websites for a wide range of industies in both B2B and B2C so rest assured that you are in capable hands!

The Wireframe

Website wireframeOnce we have discussed your business and a contract has been signed, we begin the wireframe design.

A wireframe is a bare bones line design of your website.

It helps us to build a flowchart and user experience between different pages.

Usually a wireframe only consists of basic line art with shades of grey.

We include words to show where different elements will sit.

Once approved we then move onto the mockup process which will the add the colour, fonts and branding.

The website mockup (the fun begins!)

website mockupWe provide as many mockups as you need in order to help you make a decision. Each mockup includes a homepage and inner page design. We charge a fixed fee for each design. You can use the elements from the designs such as navigation, layout, fonts etc to create a final design which is pushed to code in the next stage.

Once completed you will own all copyrights to the designs and can do what you like with them. We can build a working website for you or you can take them to your favourite developer to build it for you. Whatever your choice, we will be happy to work with you.

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