Website Maintenance Services

We specialise in the security and maintenance of WordPress based websites

We use our very own security hardening software to lock down your website and protect it from hack attacks. We can provide you with logs of each attack and every login attempt as well as information on the attack which can help you in ensuring that your security is up to date.

We have made the process extremely easy with the addition of a plugin which will help you see exactly what is going on via the WordPress dashboard.

We also run a daily backup service which covers your database and a weekly backup service for all your files. The files are stored securely on our cloud account which can only be accessed via two factor and sms authentication.

We run a weekly malware check of your website and remove any malware when we see it.

My website is already infected with malware, can you help me?

If your website is already infected then it will need to be cleaned before we can provide our website maintenance services to you. The cleanup cost is £250 and we can guarantee to remove every trace of malware and have your website working as it did when it was first created!

We run your website through the same tools that hackers use to scan your website in order to spot vulnerabilities and patch them. We also run a scan through your website to check for script injections and any code that does not belong on the website.

We do all our work with a copy of your website to ensure that no data is lost whilst we do our work and aim to have it completed within 3 days.

We will then provide you with a report of our findings as well as the work we did to protect your website.

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