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Web Design Services

What is Website Design?

Website Design is the pretty stuff that makes up a website.

Website design is also the part of the design process where planning happens. We plan your user experience, colours, fonts and the things that happen as a user interacts with your site.

As a designer and developer since 2011 I understand what works in a design and what doesn’t.

Your business needs

We begin the process by having an informal chat. We will discuss your business and what you hope to achieve with your website. This helps me to understand your business better and create a wireframe for your website.

If you already have a company logo then we will work with that to build your online brand. If you do not have a logo then we can create one for you once we have selected a colour pallete.

The website mockup

Depending on your budget I will design for you between 1 and 3 website design mockups. You can pick and choose the elements you like which are then put into a final design. I can go straight to code without a design and change it as I go, which may suit some people.

I can work with ready made templates for the more budget consious business. I have a library of well coded, seo friendly, fast loading themes which you can choose from. I am happy to make modifications to them to suit your business.

Once completed you will own all copyrights to the designs and can do what you like with them. I can build a working website for you or you can take them to your favourite developer to build it for you. Whatever your choice, I will be happy to work with you.

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